"Plaintiff Blues"
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"Hell will freeze over before we'll hire a woman to be the principal at the Cook High School." That was the response to Judith Pearson's 1986 application for that position. Plaintiff Blues is the true story of her challenge to that prevailing provincialism in Minnesota's north country and to the devastating retaliation that ensued. Plaintiff Blues will explain:
  • The answer to the most FAQ about job discrimination "How can they get away with that?"

  • Just how the "chilling effect of retaliation" can poison an institution and the progress of civil rights

  • What it's like to file a civil lawsuit; to be a plaintiff

  • Common sense insights about teaching and administering in public schools, developed while Pearson was otherwise engaged in the above struggles.

2008 Eric Hoffer
Book Award Winner

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2008 Indy Awards
Multiple Winner

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