"Plaintiff Blues"

George Herbert once said, "Living well is the best revenge." During the 16 years of stress as a plaintiff and particularly after the 2001 loss in summary judgement, we were determined to live well - and get the best revenge possible! For us, that meant as much fishing and hunting as we could squeeze in. The following pictures indicate that we're still doing our part to fulfill the aphorism.

A 60+ pound king salmon on the Kenia River, AK

A 7+ pound lake trout from Burntside Lake, MN
Pollock Guide Service

A day's catch of silver salmon and rockfish from Valdez, AK
Fish Central

Spring snow goose hunting in Missouri

Canada goose hunt north of Winnipeg, Canada
Absolutely Canadian Outfitters

In the wild rice beds of northern Minnesota

Again in Valdez, AK for another couple of meals
Fish Central

A nice Lake Vermilion Small Mouth Bass
Panichi Guide Service

A 51" Lake Vermilion Muskie
Pollock Guide Service

A nice dorado caught off Key West, FL December 2011.

A huge Red River catfish with "Gordo" from
Absolutely Canadian Outfitters, June 2012.

Some nice geese while hunting with
Absolutely Canadian Outfitters, October 2012.

Another successful trip to Canada with
Absolutely Canadian Outfitters, October 2016.

Grandma with her shooting trophies.

A 60+ pound blue-fin tuna off Cape Cod, MA

A 140+ pound halibut off Homer, AK

Another walleye off our dock on Lake Vermilion, MN
Lake Vermilion

Back on the water on the Valdez Arm, AK
Fish Central

Prairie mallard hunt in western Manitoba

Moose hunt in northern Minnesota

Catching Master Class catfish on the upper Red River with
Absolutely Candian Outfitters

Shooting Sporting Clays at Udovich's Game Farm

Shooting pheasants at Udovich's Game Farm

Results of a goose hunting trip with
Absolutely Candian Outfitters

A nice mahimahi (dorado) off Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii
fishing with Luckey Strike Charters

A nice fall Lake Vermilion walleye fishing with Joe Panichi.

A 7 1/2 foot 250 lb yellow shark caught and released off
Key West, FL December 2011.

Another successful salmon fishing trip to Valdez, AK - late summer 2015!

A great duck shoot at Old Vermilion Trail - October 2016!

Judy's 72+ # halibut with Will Everett on the Bold Eagle - August 2018!

And life's greatest revenge -- grandkids!!




3 generations march for science!


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