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"It was so nice to meet you at Delta Kappa Gamma. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. You are an exceptional speaker. Thank you so much for "Plaintiff Blues". I just couldn't put it down and finished reading it in two days. Great book!
Kathy, Dec 2011

"WOW! You're a great writer. Your book kept me enthralled! I realize that it took some soul searching and real effort to write it! You're also a terrific researcher & "keeper of records." I want to buy more copies and give them to other women friends who've experienced blatant discrimination, not as bad as what you went through, though, but they'll profit from your writing."
Dr. Neal Nickerson (Professor Emeritus - Department of Educational Policy and Administration, University of Minnesota.)

"Hi Judy, what a wonderful book. I read it over the past weekend and couldn't put it down. You faced a great number of trials during your tenure, continuing to fight when others may have given up. Your tenacity to keep fighting when things looked bleak speaks volumes. This is a book that peaked my interest from the first page to the last. It's a good read, but more importantly it tells a story that needed to be told. I'm proud to know you."
Denny Anderson (news anchor WDIO, author Good Night Everybody ... and be kind)

"Judy, I just bought your book this week when I was working in Cook. I've started reading it, and want to thank you for going through hell and back to inch our society a little further in the right direction. I, too, experienced discrimination for the company I'm currently working for. I worked for full time hours for four years before I finally put my foot down and fought management to upgrade me to full time. Instead, they gave me a part time job for another 4 years. Finally a full time position opened up and I applied for it. My manager warned me it would be hard, stressful work. I told him I do more physically demanding work landscaping my yard and garden and am not afraid of hard work. After 8 years I'm finally full time. But I went through the "Guaranteed Fair Treatment Act" at work, saw a lawyer in Virginia, who saw my documentation and told me I had a case, but suggested I go through Minnesota Humane Resourses first. That was a shambles. My case went to 5 different people in 3 months, and finally ended up with a man who had English as a second language that no one could understand. After months of their research they determined I didn't have a case. Being they said that, the lawyer who told me I definately had a case turned me down. And the retaliation from my manager and co-workers was unbearable. I even went into the hospital one day thinking I was having a heart attack from the stress. Reading your book I realize what I would have endured if I'd pursued the case. So thank you again for seeing it through, you're the "snowplow" for many talented, hard-working women."
L. Manthei (Hibbing)

"I really wanted to contact you to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your story in such an organized format. I only knew you as a bright, professional, effective, committed Superintendent who obviously was too professional at the time to discuss your personal pain in a professional setting. I was stunned, to say the least, at reading your story and only wish I could have been more of a support."
Sandra Swearingen (Director of Education Services, NE ECSU - retired)

"I just finished your excellent book and it was one of the best non-fiction books I've read (and I've read a lot as I've taught English for 35 years and, now retired, belong to a book club.) I have always hated dishonesty and unfairness as you have so I really admire the tenacity and hard work of your lawsuits. You stood up for what was fair and right and didn't fold even in the face of emotional, financial and physical adversity."
Cathy Rude (English teacher, 35 years - retired)

"Wow, I just finished "Plaintiff Blues" and had to write and tell you how your riveting emotional journey held me spellbound for a days worth of non-stop reading! I applaud your courage and tenacity in not only your battle with the district, but also your ability to put your "Plaintiff Blues" to print. Kudos for a job well done!"
Joneene Lobe (Media Generalist - retired)

"Congratulations, Judy. I am so proud of you. Your tenacity, strength, and wit is inspiring to read. Too many people these days have become afraid to stand up for their rights and challenge their employers to respect their rights. So many times in the book, I was sad that as a friend, I wasn't there to support you or assist you. You took on this battle alone, but thank god you and Rick are such a strong couple to survive this. Be proud of who you are and what you did. I have found that even people who disagree with you will say they respect you. You are a gift to so many friends, students and communities."
Verne Wagner, Duluth MN

"I was amazed at the injustices that occurred throughout your career. The book was well written, easy to follow. You did a great job, Judy. The Virginia Junior High and High School English Departments can be proud."
Sheila B.

"I just finished reading your book "Plaintiff Blues." What an incredible and amazing story. It seems hard to believe that this sort of discrimination and retaliation on the job is still taking place in this country. I am so happy and grateful that there are people like you willing to stand up and fight when there is injustice and wrongdoing in the workplace. Thank you very much for doing what you did to make things better for so many people that have faced and continue to face similar situations at work."
Andy E.

"Just a note to let you know that your message at the Unitarian Church was great! (truly professional)
Steve H.

"Thanks you again for your excellent presentation this morning at Mesabi UU. Your talk was extremely well-received."
Jeanne M.

"I fell asleep last night reading your book; I'm on page 325. I had to put it down so many times to get a grip on myself. I kept saying to my husband - 'You won't believe this!' As a newspaper editor, this is an invaluable read. I learned more about public school administration from this book than from anything else I have ever read. Not to mention the lessons in human nature and the insidiousness of a retaliatory workplace. I thank you for it."
Jean D.

"I want to thank you for all the hours of pleasure that I have enjoyed reading your book! The years of emotional and physical stress you underwent leave me feeling like this is too much for anyone to endure - and I'm only half way through the book!"
Sophie F

"I wanted you to know that I read your book as soon as it came out. I thought it was a wonderful read and I couldn't put it down. I was upset that I hadn't been aware of what was going on and been there for you. I wanted to come to your book signing so badly, but I was sick and couldn't possibly come. I hope your book is a huge success. You did a wonderful job with it."
Kay P

"P.S. An enormous amount of credit must also be given to your husband Rick, who is undoubtedly a real-life hero. The way he was there for you in every way during those years of turmoil was just amazing. His concern for your rights and his willingness to fight for them with all he had was a true love story. You married a prince."
Sandy B.

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